Xiaomi Civi Stock ROM Firmware (Fastboot Flash File) Download

Xiaomi Civi Stock ROM Firmware (Fastboot Flash File) Download Latest Update –  Xiaomi Civi stock ROM is a firmware version for Civi that has not been modified or altered by the device manufacturer or any third party. A stock ROM is a version of the operating system installed on a device when it leaves the factory.

Xiaomi Civi Stock ROM is a term used to describe the software that comes pre-installed on a smartphone. It is the operating system version released by the device manufacturer and is generally considered the “default” version of the OS. Here, We offer the Xiaomi Civi Stock ROM with a proper installation guide. It is effortless to download the Stock ROM for Xiaomi Civi. Click the “Download Link” below.

The main benefit of having a Xiaomi Civi Stock ROM is that it is usually more secure than a custom ROM. Stock ROMs come with built-in security features, meaning that any malicious software or malware will be blocked before it can do any damage. This is essential in keeping your device secure, as custom ROMs often lack the necessary security measures.

Xiaomi Civi Stock ROM Firmware (Fastboot Flash File) Download
Xiaomi Civi Stock ROM Firmware (Fastboot Flash File) Download

The phone features a 6.55-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2400 × 1080. It supports a 120Hz refresh rate and P3 wide colour gamut, along with a 10-bit colour depth that can display 1.07 billion colours. The official claim is that each screen in the factory undergoes original colour screen calibration to ensure high standards of colour accuracy. The screen provides excellent improvement in audio and video, supporting HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, offering users a unique and rich visual experience. The curved screen cleverly conceals the waistline in the best position.

With the second-generation COP packaging technology at the bottom, Xiaomi Civi achieves a slim 2.55mm lower bezel, making it the narrowest bezel Xiaomi phone to date, even narrower than Xiaomi 11. At the rear, there is a three-camera lens combination, arranged in a triangle shape with one large and two small lenses. The main camera is a 64MP GW3 sensor with a 1/1.97″ size, supporting pixel four-in-one technology, a 6P lens, and a 24mm focal length equivalent. The phone also has an 8MP super wide-angle camera with a 120° field of view, a 5P lens, and a 16mm focal length equivalent.

How to Install the Latest Xiaomi Civi Stock Firmware

Installing the most recent version of the Xiaomi Civi stock Flash File firmware is a relatively straightforward process. This comprehensive guide will take you through each step to ensure a successful installation.

To begin, make sure you have downloaded and saved the latest version of the Xiaomi Civi Stock ROM Firmware Fastboot Flash File on your device. It is crucial to have the most up-to-date firmware before proceeding.

Step 1
Start by downloading and installing the Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool. This tool enables you to flash the latest Xiaomi Civi Stock Firmware (Fastboot Flash File) version.

Step 2
If you haven’t already installed the Official Xiaomi USB driver on your computer, do so now. Skip this step if the drivers are already installed.

Step 3
Open the Mi Flash Tool and put your Xiaomi Civi device into download mode. Connect it to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 4
Once the ROM file is located, press the ‘Refresh’ button in the Mi Flash Tool. This will detect your device and allow you to proceed with the installation.

Step 5
Load the firmware into the Xiaomi Flash Tool by clicking the Select button. Then click ‘Flash’ to initiate the installation process.

Step 6
The installation may take a few minutes to complete. Be patient and wait for the installation to finish before proceeding.

Step 7
If the installation is successful, a confirmation message will be displayed in the Mi Flash Tool.

Step 8
Finally, restart your device to apply the changes. After the restart, your Xiaomi device will be running the latest version of the Xiaomi Stock ROM Firmware Fastboot Flash File.

By following these steps precisely, you can ensure a successful installation of the most recent Xiaomi Civi Stock firmware (Fastboot Flash File). If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions throughout the process, please reach out to Xiaomi Customer Support for assistance.

Xiaomi Civi Stock ROM Flash File Download for Windows

Xiaomi Civi China Stock ROM

Model Name: 2109119BC
Android: 12.0
Region: China
Version: V13.0.6.0.SKVCNXM

Xiaomi Civi China Stock ROM (MIUI 14)

Model Name: 2109119BC
Android: 13.0
Region: China
Version: V14.0.4.0.TKVCNXM